How to get your Valentus Business Started

Be a Product of the Product

One of the most exciting parts about joining Valentus is going to be your success with the product and being able to share your story with others. The first step is to print out this Program Guidelines & Measurement Chart to start tracking your progress. Also, take a before picture on your first day. You’ll want this later, trust me.

Set your Rotator

Check with your sponsor to find out if your ROTATOR should be set to the LEFT or RIGHT side, then proceed to SAVE on that side.


Show me the Money

Go to your back office at and log in with your Username and Password.

Click PAYMENT OPTIONS from your back office.

Select Option 2 – Paylution and click SAVE.

Check for an email from Paylution and follow the instructions to set up your banking information for your commissions to be sent to.

Please note that Valentus pays every Friday. Your commissions will be placed into your Paylution account. They will send you a notification email and you must then transfer the funds into the account of your choice.


Share your Business

Write of list of people who may have any one of these personality traits: sharp, business minded, money motivated, ambitious and entrepreneurial. Also, list potential customers such neighbours, colleagues and friends who may be looking for a healthier lifestyle or a way to earn extra income.


Marketing Materials

Go to to find marketing material options like business cards, pique interest cards, brochures and swag. For printed labels, visit


Find your Website Link

Click on MY WEBSITES on the left menu. You have access to all of the websites listed but here are the two most popular websites to share with your prospects >> or


Press Send

Copy and paste your website link into a draft email so its ready to send to your prospects quickly by email, text message or Facebook private messenger etc.


Get Plugged in

Connect with your upline

Select My Enroller from the menu in your back office to get contact info of your top three enrollers. Connect with your first sponsor on Facebook and they will add you to the private groups “Team Coffee Gets Results” You will find some valuable social media training.


Online Training and Marketing

Visit our team training/resource website at . Select YOUR NEXT STEPS and listen to the audio files Road Map to Diamond and the compensation plan. Next, listen to the Prospecting audio file under the Training.


Invite Prospects to the National Conference Call

Join in on as many corporate calls as possible. Tues & Thurs 8:00pm Central Dial 1-530-881-1212 pin 745-112-327# Saturday 11.30am Central Dial 1-530-881-1212 pin 745-112-327#


Dial in on Training Calls

Learn from successful network marketers with Valentus. Join Monday & Saturday Training Calls: 11:30am Central 1-530-881-1212 pin 745-112-327# Don’t forget to bring a pen and paper and take notes!

If you are not available to listen to the calls at the above times, you can listen or download the recordings of both the National Calls and the Training Calls. Stay on the main page that opens and scroll down to access the current week’s calls.


Getting Connected

For training videos on prospecting and building your Valentus business, visit Spend about 2hours listening to the training sessions such as “Set Standard for Business Success”. Next click on Videos and familiarize yourself with the compensation plan.



Download and print off the Map to Royal Diamond. Complete page 3 and page 6 to commit to your future success for the next 12 months with your business. IMPORTANT: Read page 19 carefully for suggestions on what to post on your personal Facebook page.

Click the button below to download the roadmap to diamond

Are you Interested in Joining
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Coffee and weight loss are statistically two of the most lucrative industries in the world! 
Take the  free tour and we will show you everything about the amazing lineup of Valentus products and the earning potential of joining our Team.


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