Why Valentus, Why Now?

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Don Carson on the front cover of Prosper Magazine along with Valentus' Founder & CEO Dave Jordan and fellow Blue Diamond Ted Wilson. Click on the cover to view the article.


We’ve been happily married for 19 years, with 2 incredible teenagers that mean the world to us. Working hard leads to enjoying life to the fullest, which we enjoy doing as much as we can.


We have been very fortunate to get in front of a number of trends in the last 20 years. From owning a number of Canadian #1 fitness TV infomercial products, to owning successful traditional businesses in retail to distribution, Don knows the value of hard work with the responsibilities of employing multiple employees. Nancy owns a restaurant and a wedding pavilion that employ great people providing award-winning service.


Valentus allows us to support each other's efforts in the best-timed opportunity we have ever seen. We've tried a few network-marketing companies over the last 20 years but have never had this level of success and support before.


I've always felt that the method of distribution this industry offers is the wave of the future. We are true products of the product, which we both find easy to share amongst our friends. Achieving the rank of Blue Diamond in Valentus is a significant milestone for our team and us. It represents success for 3 very important reasons; one, Valentus' products are in high demand globally that everyone wants, they’re priced right and they work! Two, we offer a duplicable system that makes sharing simple, which is key to success. And three, Valentus provides a reward system that is so fair anyone can earn income quickly while they learn the opportunity. 

Let’s all lead our teams to do our best to open the world's eyes to this amazing opportunity called Valentus!

– Don & Nancy Carson

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